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Understanding Billing for Single and Consecutive Days: A Guide for Ski Club Members
Understanding Billing for Single and Consecutive Days: A Guide for Ski Club Members
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Navigating the billing system for your ski adventures doesn't have to be complicated. Whether you're hitting the slopes for a single day or planning a series of consecutive days on the mountain, we've got you covered. Here's a simple breakdown to help Ski Club members understand how billing works for both single and consecutive day passes, ensuring you make the most out of your skiing experience.

Available partner ski resorts with "pay as you go" payment option - price lists available with the links

For those days when you spontaneously decide to ski, single day passes offer the ultimate flexibility. These passes are perfect for members who want to enjoy the slopes without commitment to consecutive days. Billing for single day passes is straightforward: you're charged for each day you choose to ski, with no need to plan in advance. This option is ideal for casual ski days or when your schedule can't accommodate consecutive skiing.

Please verify the price list available for each partner ski resort with the hourly, half a day, one way and return tickets.

  • Consecutive Day Ski Passes

For avid skiers aiming to maximize their time on the slopes, consecutive day passes provide a cost-effective solution. When you purchase a consecutive day pass, you commit to skiing for a set number of days in a row, which results in a lower daily rate compared to purchasing single day passes. This option is best suited for members who are looking for an intensive skiing experience and plan to hit the slopes day after day.

Billing for consecutive day passes is flexible and you will be charged only for the days you've been skiing. You don't have to decide in advance how many days you'll be skiing. This ensures you receive the best possible rate for your time on the mountain.


Key Takeaways for Ski Club Members

  • Single Day Passes: Ideal for flexible, spontaneous ski days without the need for consecutive skiing.

  • Consecutive Day Passes: Best for skiers looking for a more immersive experience, offering a better rate for multiple days of skiing in a row.

By understanding these billing options, Ski Club members can choose the pass that best fits their skiing habits and preferences. Whether you prefer the flexibility of single day skiing or the commitment of consecutive days on the slopes, we're here to make your skiing experience as enjoyable and hassle-free as possible. Happy skiing!

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