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Ski Club Member Lift Pass Registration Guide
Ski Club Member Lift Pass Registration Guide

This article outlines the flow and functionalities available to you as a member, ensuring you make the most out of your Ski Club membership.

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Welcome to the comprehensive guide designed to help Ski Club members navigate the lift pass registration process seamlessly.

Membership Types

Ski Club offers three types of membership to cater to individual and family needs:

- Standard Membership: Designed for individual members.

- Family Membership: Ideal for families with 2 or more members.

- Platinum Membership: Includes insurance for the individual or family, enhancing your peace of mind on the slopes.

Login and Data Integration

- Members can conveniently log in using their exiting login credentials.

Home Page Features

Upon login, the home page presents:

- Main Account Holder Details: Displays the name, surname, membership number, insurance number (if applicable), and subscription expiration date.

- Sub Accounts: Lists sub-account members by name, surname, and initials.

- All information on the home page is read-only, ensuring your data's security and privacy.

My Lift Passes

The "My Lift Passes" page is your gateway to activating and managing your lift passes:

- Activate New Lift Pass : Members can activate new lift passes by scanning or manually entering the DTA number (16 digit number available on your Lift Pass).

- Profile Association: Assign the lift pass to either the account holder, sub-account members, or add a guest.

- For members (account holder or sub-account), name, surname, and date of birth are displayed as read-only.

- For guests, enter the name and date of birth manually.

- Active Lift Pass Status: View which account holds an active lift pass on the "My Lift Passes" page.

  • Active Lift Pass status means that you can go strait to the slopes and ski with "pay as you go functionality". You will be charged at the end of the day only for the time you spend skiing.

  • Pending Lift Pass status means that you didn't activate your Ski Club Lift Pass or the you're waiting for the additional ski pass that you've ordered to be delivered.

  • Frozen status means that you've frozen your Lift Pass voluntarily due to a loss or simply because you're not using it.

- Guest Management: The main account holder can remove guests by deleting the guest account.

- Keycard Management: In case of loss of the keycard, the account holder can freeze or remove only the keycard number, not the member's profile.

- It's advisable to maintain up to 5 accounts in total for optimal display and management ease.

Account Freezing

- Members and guests not skiing can freeze their accounts temporarily, ensuring flexibility and control over lift pass usage.

This guide aims to streamline your lift pass registration process, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable skiing experience. For further assistance, please contact the Ski Club help desk. Enjoy the slopes!

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