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Alto.Ski Hotel Guest manual
Alto.Ski Hotel Guest manual

Alto.Ski app "pay as you go" manual from registration, resort information, price lists, daily insurance ski school or ski hire

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Dear hotel guest,

Thank you for using Alto.Ski, an app connected to the ski card that allows you to go straight to the slopes and pay at the end of the day only for the time you've been skiing using our "pay as you go" technology.


Enhance your stay and hit the slopes with ease using Alto.Ski. Here's why Alto.Ski is your top choice for a hassle-free skiing adventure:

Pay As You Go: Only pay for the time you spend skiing. No upfront costs, no subscription fees, no wasted days. Just pure, effortless skiing.

Direct Slope Access: Skip the long ticket office lines. With Alto.Ski, your ski pass is just a tap away, getting you to the slopes faster.

Flexible Rates: Depending of the ski resort we have available an hourly rates, one-way, return tickets, or consecutive day passes up to 14 days. Pay a pro rata daily rate, ensuring you never overspend (the prices are the same as in the ticket office).

Daily Ski Insurance: Enjoy peace of mind with our pay as you go daily ski insurance. Ski with confidence knowing you're covered.

No Advance Decisions Required: Not sure how long you'll ski or if the weather will hold? With Alto.Ski, you don't need to decide in advance. If you choose to enjoy a SPA day instead, you won't pay for skiing.

Convenient Billing: Your skiing charges are directly linked to your registered credit or debit card, ensuring a smooth and transparent billing process.

To start with please download the app by scanning the QR code on your Alto.Ski card. If you still don't have the card please use the following links:

Complete the registration process in the app and add your payment card details in order to activate your card.

Please go to "USE AN EXISTING CARD" when adding Alto.Ski card received from the hotel.

If you accidentally go to "Add new ski cards" please go back or close the app and reopen again. You will be taken to the initial screen where you can use the existing card.

Make sure all your registered Alto.Ski cards have "ACTIVE" status before going skiing.

Preauthorisation: After your first passage through the gate we must verify if there are sufficient funds on your credit or debit card. As a minimum, you should have the cost of a daily ticket for that ski resort multiplied by the number of active Alto.Ski cards on your account.

You can "freeze" your cards you're not using that day (from “My ski cards” -> click on user profile) , reducing the preauthorisation amount. The preauthorisation is not a charge and it will be canceled before you're billed at the end of the day based on actual ski time. You can also freeze your cards in case of loss. You can "unfreeze" your Alto.Ski cards at any time.

Price list (App Menu -> Resorts)

Check the price list in the app or on the website on "resorts" page. For instance, with two active cards in Madonna di Campiglio, ensure the funds for two full day tickets, but you'll only be charged for the time skied.

Whether skiing for a few hours, half a day, a full day, or a week, Alto.Ski ensures you're

billed the best available price.

Consecutive Days: If you plan to ski several days in a row, then Alto.Ski gives you all the benefits of a multi day-ski pass, without having to buy one up front. We do this by billing daily and checking if the total cost of single-day tickets used is less than the cost of a multi-day ticket.

When it is cheaper to charge for a multi-day ticket, we bill pro-rata for the tickets (i.e. we calculate the amounts paid in previous days and bill the difference between previous payments and the cost of the appropriate multi-day ticket).

Consecutive days tickets will only be applied where skiers ski on sequential days (e.g. skiing Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday qualifies for a 3-day pass; skiing Monday, Wednesday, Friday would not qualify for consecutive days pricing).

Single day tickets:

Only skiing a single day?

Don't worry you'll always pay the best price for the time you actually ski (based on your ski gate usage), whether that's for a full day, half day's or a few hour skiing.

Alto.Ski daily ski insurance (App Menu -> Alto.Ski+):

From January 1, 2022, all skiers must have third-party liability insurance (Italian Legislative Decree No. 40, February 28, 2021). Alto.Ski, in partnership with Ergo, offers Alto.Ski daily ski insurance covering:

• Third-Party Liability: For accidental damages.

• Medical Expenses: Hospitalization costs due to injuries within ski facilities.

• 24-Hour Assistance: Support during travel.

• Ski Package: Refunds for unused ski services due to injury (skipass, lessons, equipment rental,


Coverage Activation: Tied to the validity of the skipass; starts and ends on the activation day. The insurance will activate after the passage trough the first gate in Alto.Ski partner ski resorts.

Eligibility: Residents of Italy, United Kingdom or EEA, aged 4-69.

More information available in app (page Alto.Ski+)

Up to 50% off for Ski Hire with Alto.Ski (App Menu - > Ski Hire)

Alto.Ski users can now save up to 50% on ski hire through the app, choosing 'Ski Hire' and getting discounts from Skiset world n.1 in Ski Hire. Flexible cancellation is offered, with a full refund if cancelled up to 24 hours before the first ski day.

Help Desk

To get assistance, select the "Help" option from the menu. This will lead you to a page where you'll find a chat available 24/7. Additionally, we provide articles in English and Italian offering further details on the app's functionality.

See you on the slopes!

Alto.Ski Team

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