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How to Register to Alto.Ski app and activate your ski card?
How to Register to Alto.Ski app and activate your ski card?

Step-by-step guide to register for Alto.Ski: App download, payment setup, ski card activation, and adding users for easy ski slope access.

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  • Download the App: Get the Alto.Ski app from the App Store or Play Store. If you already have an Alto.Ski card, scan its QR code to download the app directly.

  • Accept Terms and Permissions: Agree to the Terms & Conditions and allow the necessary permissions for full app functionality and benefits.

  • Register with Promo Code and Payment Card: If you have a promo code, use it during registration. It’s essential to add your payment card details before activating your Alto.Ski card.

  • Payment Card Activation: You’ll be asked to authorize a €0 transaction to confirm your payment card is active. This is a standard e-commerce security measure.

  • Activate Your Ski Cards: Associate each ski card with a user by pressing "Add the Existing Card." Scan the QR code on the ski card to automatically input the 16-digit number (manual entry option available).

  • Enter User Details: For each user, add name, surname, and date of birth. This ensures you're charged the best price each ski session based on your age category (baby, kids, junior, adult, senior).

  • Optional Profile Photo: You can upload a photo for your profile (this is not mandatory).

  • View Registered Cards: After registration, you'll be directed to the "My Ski Cards" page, where you'll see your ski card listed with an "Active" status.

  • Add Additional Ski Cards: Here, you can add more ski cards for family and friends. We advise not to exceed 5 skiers per account for optimal experience.

  • Ready to Ski: You’re now all set! Head straight to the slopes and enjoy your skiing holiday without any hassle.

  • With these simple steps, you'll be seamlessly registered to the Alto.Ski app, ready to make the most of your ski adventures!

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