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Pre-authorisation & freezing your keycards
Pre-authorisation & freezing your keycards

What happens when you go through the first gate in the ski resort?

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Before going through the first gate at any Alto.Ski affiliated ski resort, make sure that every ski card that you are planning to use that day has an "active" status in the Alto.Ski app.

You can check the status of your ski cards any time by going to Main Menu (top right corner) -> My ski cards in the Alto.Ski app.

If you are not planning to use some of the ski cards you can "Freeze" them by tapping on the skier's profile on My ski cards -> Freeze this card.

By doing this you also reduce the amount of money that we reserve as a pre-authorisation payment when you go through the first gate, which is equivalent to one daily ticket for each active ski card on your account.

Your bank might also send you a notification that a pre-authorisation has been done on your payment card, but be reassured that you were not charged anything at that point and you will only be charged at the end of the day, only for the time you've been skiing.

Before going to ski, you can always check our price list for every ski resort in the Alto.Ski app and on our website.

Our pricing is usually the same as what you will find at the ticket office and we're not taking any extra fee.

For example, if you ski in Madonna di Campiglio at a daily ticket price of €71.50 and you have two ski cards registered on your account with an "active" status, you have to make sure that you have enough funds to cover two full day tickets (€143, in this example). At the end of the day, once you've finished skiing, we will calculate the best available rate for the time you've spent on the slopes (hourly rate, half a day, daily or consecutive day rate) and charge you only for that rate.

if you have any questions about pre-authorisation or freezing cards, please send us a message through the chat available in app and on our website.

See you on the slopes!

Team Alto.Ski

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