What is Alto.Ski?

This guide will walk you through what Alto.Ski is, how to get started, and the various features it offers to enhance your skiing experience.

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Alto.Ski is a state-of-the-art app connected to your ski card, designed to streamline your skiing experience. It allows skiers to register via our website or by scanning a QR code on their existing ski card. Once you've registered your profile and activated your ski card, you're all set to hit the slopes. Alto.Ski tracks your movements throughout the day and charges you only for the actual time you spend skiing.

Getting Started with Alto.Ski

  1. Registration: To begin, either visit the Alto.Ski website or use the QR code on your ski card to access the registration page.

  2. Profile Activation: After registering, activate your ski card by linking it to your Alto.Ski profile.

  3. Ready to Ski: With your ski card active, you're ready to enjoy the slopes. Alto.Ski will take care of tracking your ski time.

Features of Alto.Ski

  1. Pay-for-What-You-Use: One of the key benefits of Alto.Ski is its unique billing system. You are only charged for the time you actually spend skiing, calculated at the end of each day.

  2. Daily Ski Insurance: For added peace of mind, Alto.Ski offers a daily ski insurance option. This can be subscribed to via the "Alto.Ski+" page. Simply tick the box to activate the insurance and untick it when the service is no longer needed.

  3. Equipment Rental and Ski Lessons: The app also facilitates the hiring of equipment and booking of ski lessons powered by "SkiSet world number 1 in ski hire) and Maison Sport for Ski Lessons. This feature adds convenience, making your ski trip hassle-free.

  4. Accommodation and Resort Information: Utilize the interactive maps on the "resorts" pages to find accommodations and explore resort features. This tool is invaluable for planning your ski trip.

  5. Current and Future Availability: Alto.Ski is currently available in 10 ski resorts across Italy and is planning to expand to more resorts in Italy, France, Austria, and Switzerland.

    1. MADONNA DI CAMPIGLIO including Skiarea Campiglio - Pinzolo, Folgarida Marilleva and Pejo (150km of slopes).

    2. Livigno Skiarea (120km of slopes).

    3. La Thuile / La Rosiere (150km of slopes) - access available from La Thuile

    4. Alpe Cimbra including Folgaria & Lavarone (140 km of slopes)

    5. Aprica & Baradello Europian longest night slope (50km of slopes)

    6. Ski World Ahrntal, Speikboden & Klausberg, (80km of slopes)


Alto.Ski is more than just an app; it's your comprehensive companion for skiing. By offering a pay-for-what-you-use system, easy access to ski insurance, equipment rental, ski lessons, and detailed resort information, it ensures your skiing experience is as enjoyable and stress-free as possible. Get ready to experience the slopes like never before with Alto.Ski.

Support and Feedback

For any questions, support, or feedback, please feel free to contact our help desk. We are committed to continually improving your experience and appreciate your input. Happy skiing!

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